Have a seat, the search for our mismatched chairs

We spent this past weekend scouring the Canton, TX’s First Monday Trade Days in order to find 50 mismatched chairs for the tearoom. We were successful, though navigating a market designed to hold 7000 vendors, on a weekend with 100 degree temps required some forethought.



We packed lots of sunscreen, drinking water, and I brought shoes to swap out midday. <– This is an old waitressing trick, I do it on festival days, and I even take a spare pair of shoes to Disney and hold them in a locker at the front of the park when we visit. Phil figured out that we were not going to be able to cover enough ground to secure the deals without exhausting ourselves, so we rented scooters for the day and we were off to find our chairs. We cruised all of the outdoor vendors on Friday, buying every interesting and sturdy chair we found. Then we looped around again to pick those up and load them on our trailer.
50 mismatched chairs


We arrived at Canton with an empty Sprinter van, and an empty flatbed trailer, and we went home with both of them pretty darned full. (Thank goodness for ratchet straps). Since we finished painting the tearoom this past week, we were able to get the chairs loaded in. Some will need repairs, and our next job is to sit on each one and sort the fixed, and the to-be-fixed.

We had success with some other tasks as well. Saturday we met with a woodworker about building the tea service boxes we would like to have, bought some display props for the baked goods in the new shop, and bought some great sign blanks for our Signature Cocktails Menu.

photo from a rapid-fire text conversation with our sign painter

Next we will use a tall forklift to load in the tables and chairs we already own, so that we can do the design work necessary to build the right size and shape tables for the remainder. I really want to have at least one 10-top table, as we love the European aspect of sitting with strangers at a meal, and leaving as friends.

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  1. What a wonderful idea! I love community tables and always try to sit at them if I find a place in the States that has one. A great way to make new acquaintances.

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