Evolution of a dream …

I’ve been scheming and dreaming of the perfect venue at my favorite Renaissance Festival. It’s the place I would go with my gal-pals for good tea, and later in the day for drinks that liven the party, but don’t get us trashed. It would have a great view of the comings and goings of the festival itself, and there would be delicious, wholesome foods available.

That venue will open this fall at the Texas Renaissance Festival.

In the 12 years I’ve been a food vendor at the Texas Renaissance Festival, I’ve noticed gaps, or rather niches that need more attention. I’ve been discussing these with my amazing crew at Queen’s Pantry, and we’ve made a plan and enacted it.

We are bringing loose leaf teas to the show … surely I’m not the only tea snob in the Houston market.
We are offering catering for smaller parties, as there was a 25 person minimum at the other venues.
We are renting out tables for the folks that have small birthday parties and bridal showers, as we felt bad selling them cakes from Queen’s Pantry when there was no where to sit with it.
We are serving signature wine based cocktails, because some of us get bored with the 5 choices of wine available, and we don’t drink beer.

Tea and Strumpets is an umbrella beneath which all of our favorite things live. I’ll go into specific menu plans in future posts.

Thanks for peeking in …

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    1. Our servers are quite entertaining, and we are very close to the New Market Music Gazebo, which provides a marvelous ambiance and allows for polite conversation.

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