Our Teas Tell Stories

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Experience Tea and History in playful combination. We bring our years of themed restaurant experience, combined with our passion for premium teas into a completely new version of “Tea Fandom”.

All of the teas we sell are inspired by women who set their own rules, or ignored the rules altogether. We sell only ethically sourced teas, acknowledging that 95% of handpicked tea in the world is picked by women.

You can also come play with us in person. We have a seasonal tea bar, tearoom, and restaurant, located within the Texas Renaissance Festival. Here we hostess formal teas and curated “Tea Tastings”.

Tickets are available for High Teas here on the TRF website.

This village only exists for 9 weekends every year, so book early, and make sure you get tickets to the festival for the same dates, as Texas Renaissance Festival tickets are date specific in 2020.

Whether you book a ticket for one of our onsite events each fall, or you dive into our line of premium teas that are inspired by trailblazing women, we are excited to play with you.

How would you like your tea?

We have options of interactive events each fall, and ethically sourced teas delivered to your door. Which is the better fit for you?

Onsite Events

We hostess two events during the Texas Renaissance Festival each fall. 19 days a year, you can enjoy a Formal Tea experience at either 11am, or at 4pm on festival days.

Teas by Mail

(coming soon)
Our ethically sourced teas are available for purchase here. Each tea is inspired by a trailblazing woman whose story is part of the label.

Strumpet Stories

Too often the stories we gals find the most inspiring are tucked away as secrets of history. We are doing our part to bring those stories to light.

Work With Us

We will be hiring about a dozen people to add to our fall foodservice crew within the Texas Renaissance Festival. If you are looking for work in the Houston area in September through November of 2020, use the Contact form to send us a note.

Young girls in Renaissance costume with Alice and the Red Queen

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